Finding Hope and Healing at Magnolia Creek: In One Client’s Words

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The Struggle: Alienation and Helplessness

I came to Magnolia Creek without any true hope for survival in more than one way. I was gravely sick, and no one in my family truly knew what was happening to me or why. It was such a rapid change in my body, an almost overnight medical crisis that created massive turmoil and upheaval.

It was a defining life crisis point for me. I had never experienced such a personal level of absolute helplessness. I was a parent of a disabled teen and a super-talented college student with everything to live for, yet I was wasting away both physically and cognitively. That begins my personal Magnolia Creek story.

The Journey to Healing

My relationships were hazy and disconnected during the worst of it. Family all had their own view of my medical crisis. I was easily at my all-time low. It feels like you’re lost without anything to anchor you to your previous life. It was unsettling.

Honestly, I felt alienated and like I was holding on to straws that were breaking. Having a condition like an eating disorder is a frightening place for anyone. Especially someone who was living in her own way: traveling regularly, writing blogs, eating and cooking gourmet meals often. I was really in a good place.

Then, I had a huge medical disaster. Life turned on a dime. It went so fast. Nothing made sense anymore. I was losing myself, but it was imperceptible to me at the same time. I was in a fog. None of my clothing fit anymore. It scared everyone who loved me. I was literally forgetting to eat. Catatonic.

No one expects such a sudden turn of events—especially not the patient themself. And my sweet kids didn’t know when mom was returning home again. I had a medical calamity with lots of trauma. I was very frail.

I was a transfer patient (from a less appropriate situation). I did not know anything about the center except a phone intake. I was so worn that I could barely open my eyes. I was tired. My joints and hips ached daily. I had so much fear of whether I would be okay again or live. I cried and cried because of all I had experienced. It was heartbreaking. I was so broken.

As I traveled to Magnolia Creek for over three hours, I probably fell asleep to block out what was coming next. There was lots of trauma welling up, and I was far from sure about this phase of medical intervention.

The Compassionate Care at Magnolia Creek

The person at admissions was pleasant and kind. She was waiting for me. I was quite nervous. But I was allowed to go over all the pages and not rush through anything. I felt educated and informed. Although I was extra fretful and weak, both my husband and I were comfortable with the process. It was a good introduction to what I would experience with the entire staff during my stay.

How was my stay at The Creek, as I affectionately call it? Life changing. I cannot say enough about the experts who work for this outstanding specialized medical facility. And it really doesn’t feel like a hospital. It is a calming home. I was definitely someone who would have otherwise been lying in a hospital bed being written off or given copious amounts of pills.

I felt free from the binds I had been trapped in. I found the help I needed and people who cared.

There is no way I could have had this stellar level of care anywhere except at Magnolia Creek. They immediately had a medical professional attend to my case and work from night one to better my condition. He worked with me as a whole person. If you were told you’d see your doctor, it was guaranteed to happen.

The nursing team is so kind and supportive. And extremely capable. If they sense there is a problem, you get treated without delay. I cannot be more emphatic about the amount of awareness and concern for your wellness and safety!

A Supportive Community

Everyone is cheering for you: your doctor, nutritionist, treatment team, personnel. It is a great supportive environment!

I was safe and given compassionate care. I felt like an individual appreciated for who I was. Never did I feel as if I wasn’t in capable hands. The weight fell off my shoulders, and I began to adjust quickly to the surroundings and comfy room arrangement.

Positive speak for the spirit was what I consistently heard from my therapist. “Your feelings matter.” Group work gave me such a humanistic perspective. I often felt like I was attending a college course.

The artwork provided a creative outlet. I brought all my pieces home with me and made another to give to my daughter. The yoga lessons I was finally able to take during the last weeks of my stay were so mindful and fulfilling.

The outings were wonderful. I discovered new favorites like restaurants and shops. I went to religious services and reaffirmed my faith, and shared the love that was present inside the sanctuary. I was always excited for what was next. Magnolia Creek even introduced me to Five Below.

Nourishing Care and Community Bonding

Expect access to the very best nutritionists in the business. The meals were well-balanced and specially tailored to each person’s needs. They spare no expense to provide nourishing snacks, meals, and dinners. There is a professional chef on staff to prepare dishes.

My time in the industrial kitchen is one of my fondest memories. Mealtime did not feel like a dreadful event. Our community mealtime was probably one of the best bonding experiences I had ever had.

I loved drinking Sleepytime tea, which is still a favorite. And I was introduced to many foods that are still part of my life even five years later. (Bagels and Chobani yogurt especially!).

I found myself getting back to myself rapidly at The Creek. I belonged there. I was usually late to morning meals, as I was busy with my morning regimen of putting on makeup. I picked back up where I couldn’t have imagined myself just a month or two before.

Embracing a Busy and Fulfilling Routine

I stayed very busy at Magnolia Creek. The days were jam-packed with activities from sunup to sundown, which was really good for me.

My family lived in another state. They were relieved that I had found wellness and support at The Creek. It is hard to leave a family member in another state and not know what will happen. I never really asked them if they were happy about where I was because I knew deep down that I was fortunate to be inpatient and well-treated.

I know my close relatives had a sense of calm about my circumstances. That Magnolia Creek was the answer. That life for me would once again return to normal. That I could go back to my son, give him the biggest hugs, and go out for his favorite pizza. And that I could visit my daughter and drive a few hours to her apartment when I got back to my regular routine. That I would be back to me soon. Secure in knowing I had the best specialty care.

Gratitude and Lifelong Bonds

Being alive is the main thing to be grateful for. A close second is The Creek.

Magnolia Creek is the place to find hope and healing through others who are exploring their own personal crisis moments. Sometimes, you don’t have much time for conversations when it’s really busy. But during a long break or in your free time, you create these friendships. This bond is probably the most organic experience of people identifying with one another as being human and in need of understanding and love.

As long as your heart is open, there is someone to receive your words and encouragement. I do wish I had stayed in touch with many more of my Magnolia Creek alumni from my stay. Without those relationships, The Creek would not be as impactful or looked at with such endearment.

In the most difficult time in my life, Magnolia Creek was there for me. I firmly believe that the faithfulness and genuine love they have for their clients is beyond anything that anyone could ask for in a life or health crisis.

There, I was a person when I had forgotten what being able to live on my own terms was like. There was a freedom there that took away any uncertainty. I was ready for a new beginning and a chance at life and health. I got far more.

I thank the team and those who may still be there from my stay in 2017 for their support and encouragement. This is the treatment program that is probably going to change your life and mindset forever. It is a peaceful off-the-grid place to heal and find yourself.



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