2020 Clinical Outcomes and Key Findings

About Magnolia Creek

Magnolia Creek offers evidence-based, quality care to adolescent and adult women, ages 12 and older, with an eating disorder and secondary co-occurring mental health or substance use disorder. Our goal is to provide comprehensive treatment to meet the psychological, medical, nutritional, spiritual, and relational needs of our clients.

About Our Assessment Approach

In our 2020 Clinical Outcomes Report our client-centered care and whole-person approach to treatment used the BASIS-24 evaluation, a leading behavioral assessment tool, to evaluate the results our clients experience post-treatment against similar treatment facilities across the nation. This measurement tool identifies a wide range of symptoms and problems that occur across the diagnostic spectrum using a five-point Likert scale.
The 24 questions are scored using a weighted average algorithm that gives an overall score and scores for six subscales for the following domains of psychiatric and substance abuse symptoms and functioning: depression and functioning, relationships, self-harm, emotional lability, psychosis, and substance abuse. Across 2020, we had 108 active clients participate in programming at Magnolia Creek with 19 completing the BASIS-24 assessment. The questionnaire was administered at admission, mid-treatment or every 30 days, and again at discharge.
“Magnolia Creek has a long history of success of providing clinically excellent care to women in a retreat- and home-like setting that enhances the treatment experience. In ways we could have never imagined, 2020 was a test of what was possible for Magnolia Creek and the world. Additionally, it reinforced the growing need for evidence-based eating disorder treatment for both adolescents and adults across the country.
Magnolia Creek didn’t let our clients or their families down during this challenging year but dug in to provide high-quality care no matter the odds. That drive is reinforced by their clinical outcomes outperforming the industry in every measure which has, most importantly, helped our clients to progress on their roads towards lasting recovery.”

– Amos Taylor
CEO, Odyssey Eating Disorder Network

Magnolia Creek vs. National Comparison

Clinical Expertise

Our clinical experts provide evidence-based, high-quality treatment for eating disorders along with co-occurring mental health disorders and co-occurring substance use disorder.

Fully Accredited

All levels of care are fully accredited by the Joint Commission, demonstrating our commitment to providing the highest levels of quality care.

Healing Environment

Expansive grounds and home-like environments set Magnolia Creek apart. The outdoors is a key component in the healing process.

2020 Findings: Exceeding the Industry

Magnolia Creek uses a whole-person approach to treatment, which offers each client the opportunity for complete recovery. Our programs go above and beyond to empower individuals and address their mental, physical, social, spiritual, and vocational needs.

Magnolia Creek surpassed the BASIS-24 National Comparison Group across every measure based on 74,730 cases from many similar organizations.

Overall Reduction in Symptom Severity

Clients at Magnolia Creek far outpaced the national average in overall improvement and symptom reduction.

Reduction in Depressive Symptoms

Clients at Magnolia Creek experienced a 59% average reduction in depressive symptoms and an increase in functioning (daily/role functioning and depression and anxiety symptoms).

Improvement in Relationships

Clients at Magnolia Creek reported a 56% average improvement in their relationships with their family, friends, and other individuals.

Reduction in Self-Harm

Clients at Magnolia Creek saw a 78% average reduction in thoughts about hurting themselves and/or ending their lives.

Reduction in Emotional Lability

Clients at Magnolia Creek reported a 60% average reduction in mood swings, racing thoughts, and feeling short tempered at discharge.

Reduction in Psychosis

Clients at Magnolia Creek experienced a 87% average reduction of psychosis symptoms (hallucinations, paranoia, detachment, and disorganized thinking).

Reduction in Substance Abuse

Clients at Magnolia Creek experienced a 99.5% average reduction in urges to drink, abuse substances, and problems with drugs or alcohol.

What Alumni and Families Are Saying

We are proud to help our clients progress in their journeys towards lasting recovery.

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