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Working through an eating disorder can be extremely challenging, especially when daily life becomes overwhelming. When you, your loved one, or your client is ready to tackle an eating disorder, it’s important to find a trusted residential eating disorder treatment program. At Magnolia Creek, we offer programs for women to help them get their lives back.

One of the most important tools in recovering from a mental health disorder is establishing a routine. In our residential eating disorder treatment program, clients can discover works for them. The residential treatment schedule is essentially the same for each client; however, clients with a co-occurring disorder attend a weekly mental health group while others attend nutrition group sessions

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For more information about our eating disorder treatment programs or to get started today, call us at 205-409-4220.

What Our Adult Residential Treatment Entails

Each day, women in our program participate in individual therapy, group therapy, and experiential or recreational therapy. These therapies vary from day-to-day and from woman-to-woman. Some therapies offered include:

Each of these serves a different purpose and gives clients variety while helping them establish healthy routines.

Why Adult Residential Treatment at Magnolia Creek?

A variety of factors contributes to the development of an eating disorder, including societal pressures, neurobiology, trauma histories, family dynamics, high levels of stress, and more. Regardless of the eating disorder type, controlling weight can be one motivator for an eating disorder and another can be maintaining control of something that no one else can. Therefore, those who have struggled for a long time tend to do the best in residential programs. Additionally, those who don’t have the support they need at home or family members who encourage unhealthy behaviors should start with a residential program.

While outpatient treatment often includes the same therapies and similar care to residential treatment, it doesn’t provide the accountability these individuals need. In addition, people with co-occurring disorders often benefit from residential programs . Dual diagnosis therapy addresses more than one mental health disorder at a time, giving individuals the chance to recover more fully.

Having access to around-the-clock accountability and support is invaluable when starting out on the journey to a healthy relationship with food. It’s also important have access to medical care in case of an emergency quickly. Working with a residential treatment facility can make the process of recovery easier and more comfortable

Differences Between the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and the Residential Program

Magnolia Creek offers two levels of care to our clients: a residential program, and a partial hospitalization program (PHP) . Typically, clients start in residential care and then step down into the PHP. However, in some cases, clients may begin treatment in the PHP. The schedule for the PHP is like our residential treatment schedule, with the exception that clients spend evenings and nights at The Cottage.

If you, your loved one, or your client needs help in gaining independence from an eating disorder or dual diagnosis, call our treatment team today at 205-409-4220 or fill out the form.

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