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Exploring the Long-Term Effects of Bulimia

Bulimia is an eating disorder that can significantly affect one’s psychological and physical health. The adverse effects on well-being can be short-term, but the longer an eating disorder like bulimia continues untreated, the higher the risk for serious long-term effects. What are the Psychological Effects of Bulimia? Individuals suffering from bulimia go through an incredible

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Does Anorexia Cause Hair Loss?

Eating disorders like anorexia can have effects on your body that you may never have expected. People suffering from anorexia usually chase an idealized and unattainable body image, with a long list of health risks being well-documented. However, one potential side effect that some may not know about has led people to ask — does

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Which Parts of the Brain Do Eating Disorders Affect?

Regardless of what eating disorder you or a loved one may have, you’re likely aware of its impact on how people think or feel. But not many know how these disorders can affect various parts of the brain. Believe it or not, certain sections of the brain structure are thrown out of whack when dealing

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Is There a Connection Between ADHD and Eating Disorders?

Eating disorders represent a complex mix of psychological connections, societal pressures, and more that contribute to someone suffering from these conditions. It can prove challenging to single out a direct cause-and-effect relationship between a preexisting condition and someone recently struggling with an eating disorder. For those looking to understand whether there are connections between ADHD

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What Are the Symptoms of Compulsive Eating?

Are you a compulsive eater? Do you know someone who might be displaying the symptoms of one? Food is one of the most important things that keep us healthy, but it doesn’t mean that all food relationships are positive. Compulsive eating is a problem that affects many individuals, but its symptoms are extremely diverse. For

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Woman sitting on a couch holding her stomach in pain.

Why Do I Eat Until My Stomach Hurts?

Think back to your most recent holiday meal, and let’s play a little counting game. How many people said each of the following: Time to unbutton my pants! Glad I wore an elastic waistband today. I’m getting full, but I just can’t stop. I ate so much that I need a nap! The odds are

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Alumni Testimonial: Wren Nelson

At Magnolia Creek, our goal is not only to help our clients make a recovery but to empower them and ensure they feel heard, supported, and successful, both during their treatment with us and beyond. We’re always happy to hear from our alumni, who let us know we are successful in helping them on their

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How Much Food Is Considered a Binge?

Does anyone else wonder, after snacking during a solo Netflix marathon or Thanksgiving dinner or a night out with friends: “Did I just eat too much?” If so, you’re not alone. Most of us find ourselves wondering if we ate too much from time to time. And we usually know the answer before too long

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Can OCD Cause Eating Disorders?

We all remember the sidewalk scene from As Good as it Gets, don’t we? Jack Nicolson stepping over cracks, begging people not to touch him as he makes his way down the street. Though its portrayal of the details of OCD is not all-encompassing, and the story definitely relies on stereotypes of the condition, it

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What Is the Relationship Between Skin-Picking and Eating Disorders?

People suffering from eating disorders present an array of physical signs and indicators that often have little to do with their actual relationship with food. Specific compulsions can coincide with their condition, showing in unpredictable ways that someone with a keen eye for detail can identify. However, knowing which signs are comorbidity and which aren’t

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Can Vyvanse Cause Anorexia?

When prescribed a medication to help with one problem, it’s important to consider whether or not that medicine might create another problem elsewhere. We can work with our doctor to determine if the benefits of the medication outweigh the risk. This decision-making process is no less important if you’ve been prescribed Vyvanse. Let’s take a

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