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Top 10 Questions to Ask An Admissions Team About Eating Disorder Treatment

Understanding the Link Between Depression and Binge Eating Disorder

Getting help for binge eating disorder can feel intimidating, especially when battling other co-occurring mental health issues. Many people struggling with binge eating also have depression, and addressing both the eating issues and depressive symptoms is essential for recovery. We will explore the link between binge eating and depression, as well as treatment options. What

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How to Prepare for Residential Eating Disorder Treatment

Finding the appropriate treatment and recovering from an eating disorder depends on your unique journey toward healing. Many treatment options are available that offer varying degrees of intensity and care. You might wonder which type of eating disorder treatment program would be best for you and whether a residential program is the answer. Whether you

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The Importance of Self-Acceptance During Eating Disorder Recovery

Many people who struggle with food may feel that it is seemingly impossible to get to a place where they are accepting of themselves and their bodies. The journey to self-acceptance during eating disorder recovery is difficult yet incredibly rewarding. In fact, research has shown that self-acceptance is one of the key traits that promote

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Using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to Treat Binge Eating Disorder

Eating disorders, including binge eating disorder, are serious mental health problems that require professional treatment to prevent devastating physical and psychological consequences. There are many therapies out there that can help with eating disorders, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) happens to be one of the most effective therapies for treating binge eating disorder. What Is Cognitive-Behavioral

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A mother and daughter sit on a couch. The mother is comforting the daughter.

Helping Someone Who Is Struggling to Treat an Eating Disorder

It can feel intimidating to help someone who is struggling with food, especially if they are hesitant to get help. Here at Magnolia Creek, we know that eating disorders are overwhelming not just for those with the illness, but also for their worried loved ones. In this article, we will talk you through how to

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When Do Eating Disorders Become Life-Threatening?

An eating disorder is a disease that negatively affects one’s health and well-being over time. The longer an eating disorder continues, the higher the risk for severe physical and psychological consequences. So, when do eating disorders become life-threatening? We will look at behaviors and warning signs that may alert you when to seek help. Ways

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Woman sitting at a table eating something in a bowl, but she's picking at it and looking sad.

Why Eating Disorders Aren’t Really About Food

A lot of families struggle to grasp why their loved one can’t just eat. In fact, many people suffering from the eating disorder also don’t understand why eating is so hard. Although it may sound counterintuitive, eating doesn’t magically fix eating disorders. In this free resource, we’ll walk you through an overview of factors that

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