Expectation vs. Truth – A poem from a client

I recently asked our clients to pretend they were given a commercial slot during the Superbowl to explain/express to the world what they believe true beauty is.  I was particularly moved by one client’s response.


We live in a society

Blessed with wealth and technology

But what we’ve given up

Is far greater than our phones and devices

Where along the way did we go blind

When did we stop the revolution

And turn to persecution?

When did we give up our love for inspiration?

And allow ourselves to be ruled by degradation.

Where are our writers who spoke the truth?

Why are we not protecting the youth?

Show me a person who is not affected?

Giving up their joy for the criticisms collected.

Where are the mothers telling their daughters, “You’re  courageous?”

They’re tearing them down and demanding “You need braces.”

Why do we have so many luxuries but cannot relax

The stresses of acceptance is inducing heart attacks.

Take me away, show me the survivors.

Let me listen to the warriors, and let love in.

The “beauty” of this day comes at a steep price.

I’d rather be judged than give up what’s inside.

The passion, the burning, the knowledge, and yearning

The warm hugs from the ones you love

The stars in the night that stay up above.

The smiles through the tears

The stories cultivated over years.

The ones who suffered and are alive.

The person with depression who learns how to thrive

From immaculate heights that birds can fly

To a child’s comfort from a lullaby.

The ones with minds that continue to explore

And the people in your life you come to adore.

Why have we given up our esteem?

Don’t you wish you could say…

“I love my body in every way”

I love my mind that wanders

I love these arms that can comfort

Oh baby! How far I’ve come on my feet

Shouldn’t we walk high on the streets?

What has entrapped this nation?

The destruction of human creation

Honey, stop worrying over that photoshop job

Perfection isn’t the greener grass

Tell me about your story

Share with me your truth

Have you loved yourself lately?

I think we should make time for you.

Adorn yourself with kindness

Zip up that quick wit

Throw on some compassion

See who you are?

Don’t you just love it?!

Throw all that self-hate into the fire

Come back as the phoenix who burns with desire

Beauty cannot be bought at a price

No matter what anyone says

It just don’t dice

In the end when our charms fade

And what’s left is the soul

Will you love yourself then?

When you have no control.

Beauty is as I’ve said before

It’s a kiss on the check

Or a hug at the door

Beauty is everywhere

It comes in and out the door

There’s the most beauty in you

If you choose to believe and explore

Beauty truly lies within yourself

It’s inside who you are

It can’t be bought on a shelf

And if you ever think I don’t know how it goes

Look to your grandmother

And you’ll see how life truly flows.


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